IX Summer School of Russian Language and Culture

IX Summer School of Russian Language and Culture

On 14-28 June 2017 NArFU hosted the IX Summer School of Russian Language and Culture. The project is implemented by the Higher School of Social Sciences, Humanities and International Communication in collaboration with the University’s International Cooperation Department.

«For the past two weeks you have been immersing yourselves in Russian culture. We do hope the experience has been a rewarding one and it will help you broaden your horizons», stated the School’s coordinator Maxim Martynov in his address to the participants during the closing ceremony.

Elena Vorobyova, HSSSHIC Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, thanked the students for choosing this particular programme and praised the work of the teachers:

«I would like to specifically thank our teachers whose work within the programme has been truly inspired. I know how much effort they invested in order for the programme to be a success».

The teachers and volunteers also noted the enthusiasm and determination of the School’s participants. In the framework of the concluding ceremony the students sang songs, recited poetry and acted out sketches. After the official part’s wrap-up everyone involved got an opportunity to taste traditional national dishes cooked by the participants.  

Upon the programme’s conclusion the students were awarded certificates.

Renata Mushinska, a participant from Poland, shared her impressions:

«It is the first time I have participated in the Summer School, and I’m very pleased with everything! The programme was sufficiently complex and I was in the advanced group. I have been studying Russian consistently since last September. I actually began learning Russian in primary school. Later I intended to study it at university, but eventually decided against it - a decision I regret to this day. When I learnt about this programme I was so excited! I think I’ve learnt a great deal during these past two weeks».

The School united 23 students aged between 21 and 70, including a delegation from the Polish Center of Russian Language and Culture "RASPUTIN", representatives of Norway, Netherlands, USA, Italy.

Alongside attending their classes, the students also visited local museums, experienced traditional Russian cuisine, went horse-riding, travelled onboard the steamer “Gogol”, and participated in workshops at the School of Folk Crafts. 

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