NArFU’s Intellectual Center and Norwegian Libraries Set to Create a Common Space for Cooperation

NArFU’s Intellectual Center and Norwegian Libraries Set to Create a Common Space for Cooperation

The representatives of NArFU have attended the kick-off meeting hosted 28 May to 2 June by the international project “Bridging Libraries across Borders: Towards New Vision and Role in Society”.

NArFU’s delegation consisted of Liubov Zarubina, Head of International Cooperation Department; Svetlana Pirogova, Head of International Partnerships Unit; Svetlana Tyukina and Elena Belyaeva, NArFU Scientific Library Deputy Directors; and Margarita Osipova, Reading Hall Manager.

Supported with the grant from the Norwegian Barents Secretariat, the project seeks to promote cooperation in the field of cultural outreach, informational technologies and how these can be applied to library services.

During their visit, the project participants had a tour around the municipal libraries of Bodø and Tromsø, and the libraries of Nord University and of the UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

A series of meeting was held that discussed the trends in library services, professional ethics, and how libraries shape readers’ choice and help them educate themselves. The experts believe that the main task posed to the present-day libraries is to guide visitors through the world of knowledge and information.

Also, NArFU’s delegation was introduced to stocks, structure, and distinctive features of Norwegian libraries. This is how director of the municipal library in Tromsø Pål Henrik Kielland sees the main task the libraries are designed to achieve in a community:

“The present-day library space is no longer a space with books and various carriers of information and culture, but rather a space for users and their creativity. This is a space designed to give freedom of conduct and self-expression.”

Mariann Løkse, Head of Tromsø University Library Services, suggested to discuss the issues concerning Open Science paradigm, how to tell information from fake news, how library services can be upgraded, and what makes educational setting multifunctional.

The meeting members also learned about Unge Stormen, a youth organization based in the municipal library of Bodø, which contributes a lot to the cultural life of the local community. The library hosts 300+ events annually. While the Nord University Library lays special focus on information literacy among users, the Tromsø University Library has developed a МООС course for bachelor’s degree student that teaches information search.

The Intellectual Center – NArFU Scientific Library has presented its own development model. It acts not only as learners’ supporter in academic and research activities, but also as a public space for students and residents. The world’s and Russia’s experience show that the present-day university library now functions as a user-friendly information center that is actively promoting new services and technologies, and offers full access to information. This development model has aroused interest among Norwegian partners.

On the list of the upcoming events are the Days of Russia in Bodø; and the seminar on how libraries can be promoted in today’s world “Smart libraries create smart communities-towards a visionary strategy for libraries”.

September will see the Norwegian project partners coming to Arkhangelsk to learn more about NArFU Intellectual Center. Among the outcomes of the project is a shared network that would promote occupational cooperation and facilitate ideas about how users can spend their free time in an ‘intellectual’ way. The project participants will be able to exchange experiences and expand their partner network, while also serving as a bridge for more contacts.

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