In NArFU was held "The Day of Museums"

In NArFU was held "The Day of Museums"

Author: Polina Nechaeva

On May 20, In the Intellectual Center - Scientific library NArFu everyone could visit the NArFU Museum of History, the Reading Room with the rare books and collections, the virtual branch of the Russian Museum, the Museum of Engaging Sciences. There were about 10 platforms in common.

Everyone who visited the Museum of History of University learned about the history of NArFU and its predecessors: Pedagogical State University, Arkhangelsk State Technical University, Extramural Financial and Economic Institute, Technological College of Emperor Peter I, Institute of Shipbuilding and Arctic Marine Engineering (Severodvinsk).

The exposition presents the inventions, which won state awards, the passport of Arkhangelsk State Technical University in 1949, and also awards, photographs and autographs of participants in the Olympic Games - students of Arkhangelsk universities. You can find here famous schoolbooks, which were tutorial for the whole country, photos of graduates from 1930-1980, first computers in Arkhangelsk and different findings of the Floating University of NArFU.

In the virtual branch of the "Russian Museum" are about 300 different programs about the largest collection of Russian art of the XII-XX centuries.

In the reading room of rare books and collections, visitors could learn about the history of book’s publishing and printing in Russia, and even see hand-written books from the fund.

"Every manuscript book is unique. Text, illustrations and design – everything reproduced by hand in it. Such books told about spiritual and divine, about Christian belief. But there were also those books, which were about historical events, this chronicles were even scientific. There also valuable handwritten documents in the library fond. Basically, these are the religious books from the Arkhangelsk theological seminary. The book exhibition is timed to the Day of Slavic Written Language and Culture and will last til the middle of June. You can see almost the entire history of book development in Russia here: from manuscripts to modern books. I think that participation in the action "Night of Museums" will become a good tradition!” – said Yulia Muzhikova, the Head of the sector of rare books and collections of  NArFU Scientific Library.

There were also excursions in Evgeniy Ovsyankin museum. Evgeniy Ovsyankin is scientist, ethnographer and honorary citizen of Arkhangelsk, whose name is the name of NArFU Intellectual Center .  There are about 1500 books in his book collection. Among them, there are unique editions of the history of the region and books with author’s autographs with bookplate especially for Evgeniy Ivanovich. And also the manuscript of the end of the XVIII century – “Oktoih”.

In the corridors and halls there are exhibitions "Under the Sky of Kenozerye", "Multinational Archangelsk" by Oksana Gernet, exhibition of sea knots and stands about Jean Sauvage’s journey to the North of Russian.

In the Museum of Engaging sciences, the young visitors of the library watched experiments with electricity and liquid nitrogen.

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