“Arctic – Territory of Dialogue” Posted Its Program

“Arctic – Territory of Dialogue” Posted Its Program

Scheduled to take place on March 29 to 30, 2017 in Arkhangelsk (M.V. Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University), the Forum will revolve around the key topic of ‘Man in the Arctic’ and has a program listing over 40 events, including 32 thematic sessions, 2 plenary sessions and one extended meeting of the National Commission on Arctic Development.

The 4th International Arctic Forum “Arctic – Territory of Dialogue” will start with the plenary session titled “Arctic: the territory suitable for habitation”, designed to discuss the issues of constructive cooperation among the Arctic states. The other plenary session – “Man in the Arctic”, to take place on March 30, will have among its participants President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and discuss the projects high on Russia’s Arctic agenda.

How Arctic projects should be manned, what should be done in order to facilitate a multifaceted health care services system in the Arctic, and how tourism potential available in the Arctic Zone can be boosted, will be key issues for the thematic session “Human Capital”.

Being attractive to investor and ways to enhance the attractiveness of the Arctic Zone is what will mainly be discussed by the “Sustainable Development in the Arctic” session. Other issues on its agenda include corporate environmental responsibility, transportation infrastructure, and how to attract more investment into industrial projects.

“Research and Technologies” is a thematic session to discuss advanced technologies and how these can be used to enhance the quality of life among indigenous communities; foster the local mining industry; and ensure ample energy supply in the Arctic areas.

The realms of the Forum will also deploy activities such s International Youth Outreach Forum “Arctic. Made in Russia”; Arctic Municipalities Forum; and the Arctic Business Forum.

Please follow the Forum’s official web-page for more details about its  program, business-related events, and speakers.

The International Arctic Forum “Arctic – Territory of Dialogue” serves as a key venue to discuss the challenges and prospects of the Arctic Region globally. Supported by the Government of the Russian Federation, it is designed to pool together the efforts toward stronger international community that would be working to foster the efficient development in the Arctic and enhance the quality of life in the Arctic areas. The “Arctic – Territory of Dialogue” was first held in 2010. It focused on the current challenges of the Arctic Region and was followed by 2011 Forum, hosted by NArFU, which was more into the transportation system in the Arctic. The 2013 Forum had among its key topics environmental safety and security, while the 4th International Arctic Forum “Arctic – Territory of Dialogue” will focus on “Man in the Arctic”. The Forum is expected to be attended by more than 1 000 visitors from Russian and abroad.

Further information is available from the Forum press service officials, who will also help you arrange interviews and receive comments:

Victoria Kupriyanova: victoria.kupriyanova@roscongress.org, + 7 915 112 21 29

Yulia Shiyanova: yulia.shiyanova@roscongress.org, + 7 916 469 37 24 

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