The pilot adaptation school of intercultural communication for international students-freshmen took place in NARFU

The pilot adaptation school of intercultural communication for international students-freshmen took place in NARFU

On November 18-20 the first Adaptation School of Intercultural Communication for first-year International Students took place at NARFU, Babonegovo base, within the framework of the EU Tempus project, ALLMEET.

The event was held in conjunction with the NGO «The Renaissance of Russian culture».

The school’s purpose was to help international students accelerate the adaptation process, to mitigate the stage of culture shock, and to successfully communicate and engage in a multicultural environment.

The focus was cultural features of different countries and peoples, adaptation stages in new cultures, and features and difficulties of multicultural communication and conflict issues, including ethnic conflicts and ways to resolve them.

The classes had a purely practical-oriented nature and were held in active, interactive, and training formats. The simulation of intercultural dialogue situations allowed students to better understand the specifics of intercultural communication, and find answers for troubling questions.

Positive reviews about the event were left by the school’s participants:

 «Wonderful school! We did a lot of practice and understood how to behave in any situations with any people. A solid “A”!».

 «Spending time around other nations allowed for the experience of immersion into another culture and traditions».

«Cultural understanding helps to find a common language in communication in an easier way», etc.

According to the results of the final survey, 18 of 25 participants indicated that knowledge and skills obtained will be used in further activities, and 20 of 25 people believe that further training on intercultural communication are essential.

The implementation of the adaptation school for first year students within the framework of ALLMEET project allows for better understanding of the specifics of intercultural communication.

The school has confirmed the need for such measures not only for foreign students, but for Russian students as well, as communication difficulties and sometimes communication shock are also experienced by representatives of Russian culture when hosting foreigners. Reviewing the question of further continuation of this successful practice is included in the plans of the organizers.


Polina Golomidova,

ALLMEET project coordinator, NArFU International Cooperation Department,


Margarita Selkova, Maria Lesonen,

NGO «The Renaissance of Russian culture».


The project is co-financed by The EU within the framework of The Tempus IV program

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