NArFU and Korean Universities Sign Memoranda of Cooperation

NArFU and Korean Universities Sign Memoranda of Cooperation

Arkhangelsk saw the completion of the 4th Russian and Korean Rectors’ Forum. The final stage of this event discussed how cooperation can be established between the universities and SMEs. Also, the prospects of further cooperation between the Russian and the Korean universities were discussed.

The session dedicated to university-venture company partnerships had among its speakers Director of Kookmin University’s Institute of Eurasian Studies Lee Sang-Joon who told about how collaboration could be fostered on know-how development and education.

“In the era of information technologies, the universities should serve as the forerunners of innovation and drivers of IT knowledge. It is essential that they are able to bring their training standards in line with the employers’ requirements. Korea has been working on it for many years and has achieved a certain level of success. I hope our collaboration will continue and we’ll pass our experience onto our Russian colleagues”, said Lee Sang-Joon.

Lee Sang-Joon also informed that the Korean side was willing to cooperate with NArFU on the issues of Arkhangelsk-based shipbuilding cluster, highlighting that Russia and South Korea should channel their effort towards maximum benefit that the Arctic region offers.

In his speech, Senior Vice-Rector of Saint-Petersburg State University Ilya Dementyev shared the experience his university has gained in cooperating with customers – government and businesses. Ilya Dementyev noted that the present-day universities are facing the task of decision-making and serving as catalysts of regional, industrial and civic development.

Head of the Korean Techno-Venture Foundation’s Global Office Kim Sang-Hwoan told about how universities can influence start-ups in the regions, and about how important the role of SMEs in Russia and South Korea is.

“Russia and Korea should set up an innovation-driven platform for cooperation and focus more on what they can do, jointly, to foster SMEs”, said Kim Sang-Hwoan.

In the end of the session, NArFU and the Korean universities signed memoranda of cooperation, endorsed by NArFU Rector Elena Kudryashova, Senior Vice-President of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Lee Bo-Wha and Kookmin University Vice-President Park Chan-Ryang.

“The forum has evidenced that we and our Korean colleagues have very many topics we are concerned about and would like to work on. South Korea is a country with swiftly evolving information technologies, shipbuilding sector and engineering education. We see South Korea as an interesting country also because three years ago it became an observer in the Arctic Council. Korean universities and research centers are joining the University of the Arctic, a network uniting some 180 high schools and research centers. The interest being displayed by the guests from South Korea is evident: many a times have they stressed their interest in exploring the potential of the Northern Sea Route and the environmental state of the Arctic. We have negotiated with them the possible student and faculty staff exchange opportunities. I think ahead are the promising projects and novel training programs”, Rector Elena Kudryashova summed up.  

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