Professor Margusson told how to learn Swedish from scratch

Professor Margusson told how to learn Swedish from scratch

On 5 March 2016 the Institute of Philology and Cross-Cultural Communication hosted a master class “Swedish from Scratch” by Magnus Magnusson, ex-professor of Stockholm University currently working at NArFU Department of Translation and Applied Linguistics. The master class was attended by the university’s staff and students.

‘The contemporary world demands knowledge of other languages in addition to English. English has become the international language; however, speaking the language of the people you are working with is a way to show respect as well as a clue for better understanding their culture. That’s why there is a growing interest for various languages’, remarked Alexander Polikarpov, Head of the Department of Translation and Applied Linguistics.

The master class was aimed at providing the university’s students and graduates with information on the possibilities of studying Swedish within a range of educational programmes (master’s programme “Translation in Business Communication in the Euro-Arctic Region”, retraining programme “Interpreter in the Sphere of Professional Communication”).

During the master class Professor Magnusson covered the basics of Swedish grammar and taught several simple expressions. The audience also learnt more about internship opportunities in Sweden. The atmosphere was warm and friendly.

In February 2016 Professor Magnusson participated in the International Scientific Seminar “The Image of the Other in the European, Asian and Russian Culture: Language – Literature – Translation” with a lecture entitled “How Students Use Their New Language After University Graduation – Preliminary Results from an Interview Study”. The professor also regularly contributes to NArFU research article collections.

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