Boris Filippov: Science Attracts Our Young People

Boris Filippov: Science Attracts Our Young People

Boris Filippov, Northern (Arctic) Federal University Vice-Rector for Research, talks about the university’s scientific progress.

- Figures demonstrate that the merger of Arkhangelsk State Technical University and Pomor State University and the financing allocated in the framework of the NArFU Development Programme have produced impressive results. Last year the university managed to obtain grants amounting to 300 million rubles for its research budget. 1500 papers by our scientists were published in various scientific journals in 2015. It’s a major breakthrough! Moreover, the structure of the publications has changed. The number of our publications in international sources has also increased.

Our various research teams are learning to cooperate smoothly. For example, the Theoretical Physics Department of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Technologies and representatives of the Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture are working together on applying nanomaterials in construction. The Center for Collective Use of Scientific Equipment is also catering for the needs of the natural sciences departments.

What’s important is that science attracts our young people. Young researchers are the driving force behind our research schools. Expanding the range of research implies the emergence of new scientific fields and schools. In this context our main engine of growth is the Center for Collective Use of Scientific Equipment. Last year they published a lot in scientific journals. The Center has given birth to a new research school specializing in matter composition explorations, and consequently, the development of the relevant analysis methods.

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