NArFU Joins the Magna Charta Universitatum!

NArFU Joins the Magna Charta Universitatum!

17-18 September Bologna (Italy) hosted a large conference to discuss the global challenges being faced by universities and students. Among its participants were well-known workers of academic community, university managers, faculty staff and students.

The presentations – and the discussion they triggered – were devoted to the role the universities are playing in promoting civic values and contributing to global internationalization.

The Conference hosted, on 18 September, the 27th ceremony of official signing of the Magna Charta Universitatum. This European project was started in 1998, the year of the Bologna University’s 900th anniversary.

The Charta, which serves as a key international document to promote the academic institutions across the world, has been signed by more than 80 universities in 81 countries, including Russia, USA, Great Britain, Japan, China, Canada, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, among others. The positive decision on NArFU’s application for joining the Magna Charta Universitatum was taken by its supervisory board in April 2015. That month saw the Magna Charta Universitatum being joined by a total of 23 universities which included NArFU as the only Russian university.

At the signing ceremony, our university was represented by Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Marina Kalinina.

On NArFU’s pathway towards higher rating and reputation levels, joining the Magna Charta Universitatum is, indeed, a significant step. It opens up new possibilities for cross-border cooperation, experts exchange, joint research and competitive education environment. In his welcome address to the ceremony participants, Former president of European Commission Romano Prodi said the universities are what the world expects to produce answers to the questions relating to the changes it is undergoing.

Also, the prospect of signing the bilateral cooperation agreement was discussed with partners in the Bologna University. It will be recalled that NArFU and the Bologna University are already cooperating within such large-scale EU projects as TEMPUS and Erasmus Mundus.

The bilateral agreement will, undoubtedly, open up new possibilities for mutually beneficial projects and programmes. The signing ceremony also took place as part of the conference, Marina Kalinina acting the signatory on behalf of NArFU and Vice-President for International Relations Carla Salvaterra on behalf of the Bologna University. The Italian partners have displayed special interest in NArFU’s Arctic-related projects and their readiness to cooperate on issues such as offshore technologies, environment, natural sciences and student exchange opportunities. 

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