Seven tops of Alaska

Seven tops of Alaska

The research-sportive expedition of the NArFU skiers’ team to the mountainous part of Alaska took place from April till June 2011.

It was the first passage of the complex autonomous ski route performed by the Russian sportsmen. Within 40 days, the Russian team passed the 450 km supercomplex autonomous ski route in the mountainous part of Alaska. The expedition was devoted to the 300-th Anniversary of the Great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov.

The expedition “Seven tops of Alaska” was held with the support of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Russian Sport Tourism Association and US-Russia Society.

In the course of the expedition the sportsmen ascended seven highest tops of the region (Mount Bear, Mount Bona, Mount Churchill, Mount Regal, Mount Blackburn, Mount Wrangel, Mount Zanetti). The highest point of the expedition was summit Bona (5005 m).

The sportsmen surmounted four unmanned passes. The NArFU team gave names to three of them: Mikhail Lomonosov Pass, Pass of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University, and Archangel Pass.

At the time of the expedition the sportsmen gathered photo and video materials. These materials will be studied by specialists in order to assess glaciers and snow cover state.

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