Arctic Summer School co-organized with Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities

Arctic Summer School co-organized with Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities

Program:  Загрузить

Dates: June, 25-29, 2021
Format: Online
Working language: English

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The School Programme includes 5 working days consisting of key-note lectures, group work, interactive sessions, virtual tours and cultural programme.

Introductory part gives insights into Russian Arctic Context providing general knowledge about:

  • Russian Arctic Strategy
  • Northern Territories Governance
  • Northern Sea Route: State and Perspectives
  • NArFU Session: Presentation of NArFU as a leading Russian Federal University in the Arctic Zone

Also as a cross cutting issue we would suggest Communication in the Russian-Chinese Cooperation in Education and Research that could be helpful and contribute to enhancing Communication Bridge between different actors across the borders.


Topics to be addressed in the School Agenda
(based on NArFU expertise)

Civil Engineering in Cold Climate

Environmental Civil/Geotechnical Engineering in the Cold Regions
Planning, design and post-evaluation of Arctic and Subarctic architectural environment
Development of new multifunctional building materials suitable for extremely cold weather conditions
Development of technological solutions for the preservation and sustainable management of the Arctic region cultural heritage objects
Ice Architecture

Environment of the Arctic

Environmental Challenges in the Arctic
How visual environment influences human

Oil and Gas Resources Development in the Arctic

Perspectives of Oil and Gas Resources Development in the Arctic (students group work, case contest)
Challenges Associated with Arctic Oil and Gas Development
Prospects of Using Different Energy Resources in the High North
Laboratory Studies of Rock Samples and Hydrocarbons in the Arctic Oil and Gas Innovative Technological Centre
New aspects in Resevoir Simulation


  • Organizer: Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities

  • Co-organizers: Northern Arctic Federal University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Bauman Moscow State Technical University  

Contact person at NArFU:

Ms. Svetlana Pirogova,
Head of International Communications Unit

Contact person at ASTRU:

MS. Gao Yang
Secretary of ASRTU Permanent Secretariat (China)

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