Summer School of the Russian Language and Culture

Summer School of the Russian Language and Culture


The Institute of Philology and Cross-Cultural Communication is inviting you to the 9th Summer School of the Russian Language and Culture in Arkhangelsk, June 14-28, 2017.

We implement a unique idea «Arctic region-oriented Russian language study, including:
— The Land of Pomors: Traditions and Culture;
— Northern Texts;
— Past and Present of The Russian North.

We teach Russian to students with any language proficiency level:
— Elementary level/ basic level ※ you do not speak Russian at all or just begin to study the language;
— 1st certificate level ‫ you are already familiar with basic rules of Russian grammar, you can read, speak and write in Russian;
— 2nd certificate level ※ you can speak Russian quite fluently, but want to perfect your language skills.

We offer an interdisciplinary course program (60 academic hours) consisting of:
— language classes;
— additional subject-oriented modules (В«Economics and Enterprise in The Russian NorthВ», В«Russian Politics and HistoryВ»).

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