Arctic Cinema


In September 2012 NArFU is hosting the 2nd International Festival of Amateur and Professional Films “Arctic Cinema”.

Coinciding with the International Scientific Conference: “History of Arctic Studies and Development” (to be held Arkhangelsk), the festival attracts Russian and foreign experts and creators. The festival is assigned a special mission of guiding visitors through Arctic studies, especially highlighting intellectual component and caring attitude towards this unique area. The main task of this project is to create a forum in Arkhangelsk to discuss the issues of the Arctic and sub-Arctic development. Among the experts are the well-known journalists, polar explorers and scientists. Discussion platforms will be there for the audience to talk about films and movies on the program with experts and film makers. Such platforms will be functioning in several municipalities, the main ones set up in Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk. The festival will definitely help strengthen international relations and create a common information space.

Updated 13.05.2013