DVcam, 2008, 36`, Russia, by Andrei Golovnev (available in English) Ethnographic Bureau Studio

Seven-year old Lekha lives in a remote Russian Pomor village on the Onega Coast of White Sea. He learns a thing or two, accompanies his parents in driving a post-horse and rhymes songs about his tough life.

Screenings (selected):

  • 9th International film Festival "Flahertiana" — Audience Award (Perm, Russia)
  • 31st Moscow International Film Festival (Moscow, Russia)
  • 19th International "Message To Man" Film Festival (St.-Petersburg)
  • 6th Open Russian Anthropological Film Festival (Salekhard, Russia)
  • 20th Open Documentary Film Festival "Russia" (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
  • 1st International "Zolotoy Vytayz" Film Festival (Lipetsk, Russia)
  • 2nd Open Art Documentary Film Festival "Artdocfest" (Moscow, Russia), etc.


"Dead Cold"

Iskaldt (Dead Cold) 40 min. drama. NNFS/NFI/ distribution, TIFF 2008.

Written and directed by: Erik Smith Meyer
Cast: Jørgen Langhelle, Tommy Svendsen, Ingrid Stensen, Margrete Bye Åsali, Matilde Rossvoll, Marit Østbye, Sigmund Sæverud, Martin L. Lotherington
Director of Photography: Bård Grape
Sound: Rune Hansen
Music: Tore Nedgård

The year is 2020. The gulf stream is gone and the northern areas are frozen. Erik travels towards the north to help his family in Finmark, Norways northernmost region. It turns out to be a journey not only through a destroyed civilization, but also a journey from a cold soul to a warm heart.

Dead Cold is the worlds first enviromentaly friendly film production.


"Fyret (Leaving the light house)"

Short film drama, 35mm. Prize winner. international festivals, NNFS/NFI distribution 2005

Written, Directed and Edited by: Erik Smith Meyer
Cast: Frank Håkonsen and Runar Clausen
Director of Photography: Bård Grape
Music: Tore Nedgård
Producer: John Arvid Berger

All Norwegian lighthouses are automated, and the old lighthouse keepers will soon be a thing of the past. In this freely artistic treatment of this theme, we meet the lighthous



NUFF 2012 Skolevisninger - Filmer

Fiction/ Poland/2010/12 min.

Prod: Justyna Ziemkiewicz - PWSFTViT
Dir: Bartosz Kruhlik
DoP: Daniel Wawrzyniak
Screenplay: Bartosz Kruhlik, Paulina Skibinska
Cast: Karol Puciaty, Bartlomiej Blaszczynski

12-year old Michal wants to join his elder brother’s group. The brother and his pals take Michal to the woods. They record everything with amateurish camcorder.



NUFF 2012 Skolevisninger - Filmer

Documentary / Palestine / 2011 / 6:00

Prod: Shashat
Dir: Reham al ghzali
DoP: Eyad el zaeem

Madleen Kelab is the first girl fisher-woman in Gaza with a special relationship to the sea, difficult conditions forced her to go to sea in order to support her family where she left her school at a young age to save her family from poverty. She started working in fishing profession to help her family.
Despite that Madleen has a deep link with the sea, which make her adore fishing profession. Therefor she run away from the land and its problems, and go to the sea. There she feels safe and stability. Madleen is living with two personalities. She sees that the work in this profession between men is something difficult. She should be like them strong, coherent and rough behaviour like men to managing her stuff.



NUFF 2012 Skolevisninger - Filmer

Sci-fi-comedy/ Norway /2011 /6:00

Prod: Filmverkstedet, Samsen kulturhus
Dir: Simen Søbye & Eskild Carlsen (18-20)
DoP: Kristoffer Pedersen
Screenplay: Filmverkstedet
Music: Video Co-pilot
Cast: kim Pettersen & Sindre Johnsen.

Two people wake up with no memory of who or where they are, only to discover that they are on a spaceship heading towards a black hole.


"Cuntdown - From A youth Detention Centre"

NUFF 2012 Skolevisninger - Filmer

Fittbacka- ett jävla ungdomshem

Drama /Sweden /2011/ 15:00

Prod: RonnyFritsche
Dir: Rojda Sekersöz (21-25)
DoP: Annika Busch
Screenplay: Tommy Håkansson
Music: Isabelle Engman-Bredvik
Cast: Emilia Bostedt, Sara Linderholm, Helena Engström, Laura Ranchber, Miranda Israelsson, Anna Carlson, Nina Nelson

New Years eve is closing in on a group of young girls locked up behind unbreakable glass windows, enduring a life of meninglessness. A long anticipated fireworks celebration that could break the somberly atmosphere is cancelled at the last minute – a decision that could be life changing for all involved.



NUFF 2012 Skolevisninger - Filmer

Banga Inte

Fiction / Sweden /2011 /15:00

Prod: Fanni Metelius
Dir: Fanni Metelius (21-25)
DoP: Sara Svärdsen
Screenplay: Fanni Metelius
Music: Johan Johnson
Cast: Linnea Cart Lamy, Kevin Vega, Mia Saarinen, Isabel Andresson, Linus Ekman

Gothenburg 1999, the last days of summer vacation. In a world without adults' influence 15-year ols Mickan is struggling with the dilemma of sex, love, friendship and prevailing hierarchies. Who backs up and who chickens out?



NUFF 2012 Skolevisninger - Filmer

Experimental /Sweden /2010 /4:44 (18-20)
Prod: Greta Rechlin
Dir: Greta Rechlin
DoP: Greta Rechlin
Screenplay: Greta Rechlin
Cast: Asta August

In Pretend we follow a girl getting dressed to go out. The subject of the film is the feeling of being exposed and naked even though you're physically dressed.

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