Film Festivals

Nordic Youth Film Festival

Nordic Youth Film Festival

Based at the youth Culture House TVIBIT Tromsø, Northern Norway, NUFF has already a nine year success-story. Started by the wish to support young local filmmakers and to get an idea how our neighbours making film and telling stories discovered NUFF the world of the Youth Cinema.

The quality of the films increases, the incredible atmosfere of the workshops and the growing network of filmmakers, partners and projects is making NUFF to a unique summer event behind the polar circle under the overwhelming midnight sun.
Barents Youth Film Academy

Barents Youth Film Academy

BYFA is a collaboration-project between NUFF/ TVIBIT in Tromsø, Norway and the Regional Fund – Youth House in Murmansk, Russia. The main purpose is to develop youth film activities in the entire Barents region is aiming to organize a informal film-education for young people in the region.
Barents Ecology Film Festival

Barents Ecology Film Festival

Barents Ecology Film Festival (BEFF) unites those who are intersted to learn something new, to share their opinions and to find creative problem solutions.

BEFF unites the film directors, who make films about the environment, raise the ecological issues and offer positive problem solutions.

Northern Character

International Festival of Documentaries and TV Programs "The Northern Character"

The 5th International Festival of Documentaries and TV Programs "The Northern Character" will be held in Murmansk on November 20th-22nd, 2012.

The Festival’s slogan is Seduced by the North.

The aims of the Festival:

  • to unite journalists of Northern countries and create conditions for interpenetration of cultural traditions of different countries;
  • to provide world community with more information about people’s life in northern regions;
  • to give the authors of TV programs opportunity to wider their audience, to inspire young journalists to raise their professional competence in producing TV programs and documentaries;
  • to develop the market of TV content for the regional companies.

Sea Calls 2012

International Maritime And Adventure Film Festival "The Sea Calls - 2012"           

The Festival is devoted to the "Year of Russia in the Arctic" and the memory of the Russian Arctic expeditions in 1912

Northern Travelling Film Festival

Northern Nomadic Film Festival

The idea of the Northern Nomadic Film Festival was born at the crossroad of the Russian Anthropological Film Festival (RAFF) and the International Northern Research Forum (NRF). While travelling the north of Eurasia and New World the Festival shows its programs at film festivals, TV channels, cultural, scientific and public forums, thus uniting authors and film amateurs from different countries, regions and cultures.

Updated 26.04.2013