Regulation of the International festival of amateur and professional films "Arctic Cinema 2012"

The Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov (NArFU) announces the arrangement of the International Festival of amateur and professional films «Arctic Cinema 2012».

1. Mission of the Festival

  • To give an opportunity to professional film industry and video amateurs to meet and to create conditions for cultural traditions’ exchange within the Barents Euro-Arctic region.
  • To increase the awareness of the global community on life and work of people in the Arctic.
  • To give an opportunity for authors to reach a broad audience, and for video amateurs to improve their professional level.
  • To demonstrate the best works of the Festival in different branches of NArFU.

2. Organization of the Festival

The International Festival of amateur and professional films «Arctic Cinema 2012» is arranged with the support of the All-Russian Non-governmental Organization «Russian geographical society» and the Government of Arkhangelsk oblast.

Festival organizers:

The all-Russian Non-governmental Organization «Russian geographical society», The Northern Arctic Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov (in cooperation with NArFU’s student association).

Festival partners:

The governmental television and radio company «Pomorye»;

Administration of Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Time and place for the festival:

Arkhangelsk, September 2012

Official languages: Russian and English

3. Festival program

  • Competition films show
  • Screening and discussion of films representing students’ work (discussion places at the university);
  • Workshops with Russian and foreign documentary film-makers;
  • Cultural program

4. Festival nominations:

There are two categories: «professionals» and «amateurs».

The winners in both categories of the Festival will be nominated for:

  1. Social advertisement (a short commercial of 3 minutes max on the issue of environment, cultural studies, geo-politics and/or ecology)
  2. Reportage (up to 20 minutes)
  3. Best TV feature story or film (up to 26 minutes)

Special Festival awards:

  • Prize of audience;
  • Best editing work:
  • Best camera work;
  • Best script work;
One first place and two second places will be nominated.

The jury has the right to pass up nomination.

5. Terms of participation and general conditions

5.1. The competition takes place in 2 rounds:

  • Selection
  • Competition

The final round will be organized during the Festival. The winners will be nominated by the international jury.

5.2. TV companies, independent producers and other juridical and natural persons in possession of copy right are entitled to participate in the contest. One and the same work cannot compete in different categories.

5.3. Only non-fiction films relevant to the theme of the Festival and produced not earlier then 2010 can compete in the festival. Films that already have competed in other film festivals are welcome to participate.

5.4. Films in foreign languages (including native languages of the people of the North) are invited to participate. In this case Festival’s copy should contain either English or Russian subtitles.

5.5. Prior to the Festival the selection round will take place, and the work-jury decides which films to be included the competition.

5.6. The festival jury will chose the winners of the competition. The works and acknowledged winners will be granted diplomas and memorable prizes. The jury can set up special awards.

5.7. The awards will be announced during the final ceremony of the international scientific conference «History of the discovery and exploration of the Arctic» in September 2012 at the Northern Arctic Federal University (Arkhangelsk, Russia).

Deadline for the applications: June, 30, 2012

Deadline for the films: August, 17, 2012.

5.8. The terms of the stay for the guest and participants will be specified in personal invitations.

6. Required documents

Those who are willing to participate in the Festival should fill in an application for each participating film and send it to the address of the organizing committee.

Application to be found at the web page and should be submitted by e-mail to:

The presentation of the films and participating in the contest is free of charge.

The organizing committee of the Festival does not take responsibility for the program films in case of the claims and actions dealing with copyright or related rights.

The material submitted to the competition will not be returned.

7. Technical requirements

7.1. DVD disc

7.2. The video format: MPEG-2 or Microsoft DV, TV-standard PAL, size 720x576 pixels, screen format 4:3 or 16:9, video-streem from 4-8 Mbit/s variable or 8 Mbit/s fixed (25 Mbit/s for Microsoft DV), Interlacing - Bottom Field First.

7.3. Format for audio: PCM (48KHz 16 bit, 2 channels) or MPEG Audio Layer-2 (48 KHz 224 or 256 kbps, 2 channels).

Every competing work should include a leader tape, where it says: the name of the film, the duration, screen format (4:3 or 16:9), the producers of the film, the author of the work. Materials which don't meet the requirements of image, sound or video formats, will not be admitted to the competition.

7.4. Films selected for competition should have subtitles in English. Foreign participants should send the scripts in English together with the application to e-mail:

7.5. Material for the booklet: a short summary of the creators of the film/program, 1 or 2 pictures of the people of the film (JPG 720x576, 24 bit), synopsis of the film (until 250 character!), the name of the production company, postal address with codes, phone contacts and e-mail address(es). The information must be presented in both Russian and English. Submit it to:

8. Contact information:

Department for Information Policy,
Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov,
Severnaya Dvina, emb.17, 163002, Arkhangelsk, Russia,

e-mail for submission:

Phone number: +7 8182 68-32-56

Tatyana Belyaevskaya:
mob: 8-911-559-34-35,

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