Art and Culture

The NArFU University Creative Center is one of the oldest creative associations in the Arkhangelsk region.

Our history dates back to the Student Club ASTU, which was established in May 14, 1968.

University Creative Center NArFU Today is:

  • More than 500 talented students, many of whom have experience of successful participation in events on regional, federal and international levels

  • Rehearsal for 30 creative teams, including 18 rock bands included in the NArFU Rock Club

  • Base KVN NArFU "Pomorie" and the opening of the Student League of KVN NArFU

  • Venue games KVN School League

  • Annual KVN School

  • NArFU Outdoor Arts Festival, which is the regional stage of the All-Russian Student Spring

  • Open-air rock festival NArFU featuring not only the Archangel team, but also groups from St. Petersburg and Kirov

  • "Freshmen Debut" Festival for talented first-year students

  • "Arctic Lights" Festival of light and fire performance

  • "Beauty of the Arctic" beauty pageant, which winners are guaranteed to participate in the Miss Arkhangelsk and the Miss Russian Student events

  • The day of winter fun NArFU a wonderful celebration of snow and ice

  • Festival of student competition evenings, which bring together creative groups of students from all NArFU institutions

  • Creative meetings with famous actors, artists and cultural figures

  • The project "Big Break" in celebration of the New Year, Defender of the Fatherland Day, International Women's Day, and the Days of the Arctic

  • Organization and participation in various events, concerts, conferences, urban, regional and federal level;

  • Creative evening in the literary and music room

  • and much more

We look forward to your interesting ideas - for lifetimes ... After all, we came into this world not to criticize it, and make just a little warmer and better!

Join our team! A team of creative people! ;)

The studios and the creative communities

Ensemble of drummers

Choreographic ensemble «La Jeunesse»

Choreographic group "Cocktail"

Team Cheerleading «Arctic Energy»

Studio lights and plastic "Maori Sun"

Pop vocal studio

Open KVN students league NArFU

Vocal students ensemble

Updated 30.04.2019