NArFU’s Club of International Friendship (CIF)

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NArFU’s Club of International Friendship (CIF) is a youth organization that unites our university’s students from all over the world.

The main goals of the Club are strengthening of relations between Russian and foreign students, encouraging of interest in intercultural communication, tolerance elaboration, enhancement of living conditions via conducting international events.

CIF’s Goals and Objectives:

  1. Development and strengthening of friendly relations among Club’s members
  2. Education of students in the tradition of internationalization
  3. Demonstration of peacefulness and tolerance
  4. Increasing of the interest in intercultural communication
  5. Building of the conditions necessary for realization of creative projects in various spheres

CIF’s activities:

Cultural Committee: organization of special events, celebrations, national culture’s days.

Sports Committee: organization of sports events.

Information and Media Committee: getting students introduced with events of the Club and international cooperation; Club’s collaboration with public organizations of the University and Arkhangelsk.

CIF’s Governance:

  • CIF's President – Dil’murad Yahyaev
  • Information and Media Committee – Lugovoy Svyatoslav
  • Cultural Committee – Damir Baratov and Emir Mavzyudov
  • Sports Committee – Rahimbek Rahimov
  • CIF’s Secretary – Vladislava Chekrigina
  • Fundraising – Sofya Kamaletdinova

Organizational Structure:

General Meeting

CIF's President

CIF's Secretary

CIF’s Vice-President

Information and Media Committee

Cultural Committee

Sports Committee


Updated 11.01.2018