• University residence halls consist of 13 buildings;
  • Types of rooms:
    • "Standard";
    • "Comfort";
    • "Family";
  • Each dormitory provides rest room and laundry. Some of them have a gym;
  • All dormitories are located in close proximity to public transport, shopping centers and NARFU campuses;
  1.  Dorm “Standard”
    Student residence is composed of comfortable fully furnished double and triple rooms. Washroom and kitchen are shared among residents of the same floor / unit.
  2. Dorm "Comfort"
    The hostel facilities: a standard room (for 1 person) and a large room (for 2 persons), shared kitchen (for 5-10 persons) and bathroom (for 2 persons). Room and kitchen are furnished. Wi-Fi is available. “Comfort” rooms are by default booked for our short-term students and researchers.


Bachelor / Master / PhD students

From 480 to 765 RUR per month*

Students of the preparatory department

1090 RUR per month*

Sort-term students

living in a dorm "Comfort"

800 RUR per day (shared)*;

1000 RUR per day (single)*

Married students, living in dorm «Family»

Ordinary students fees for each

student depending on level of studies

+ 600-900 RUR for child per month*

*Subject to change

Updated 21.09.2018