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International students must have their certificates of education (if they received them abroad) recognised in order to study in Russian institutions of higher education. Being a federal university, NArFU has a right to recognise international certificates of education without any assistance by third parties.

To have your certificate recognised, you must provide original legalised copy of the certificate and transcript of records and their certified / notarised translation into Russian. If your certificate is issued in Russian, you do not need to translate it but you must submit its notarised copy.

There are two types of legalisation of certificates of education, depending on your country:

  1. Consular legalisation exercised by Consulates of Russian Federation abroad;
  2. Apostille available in countries that are listed in Hague Convention of 1961.

You can see the list of countries whose citizens can legalise their certificates of education with the Apostille stamp here.

Click here to see the countries, whose citizens don’t need to legalize their certificates of education.


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Updated 28.01.2016