Work Pack 4: Concrete Recycling (UIT& Oulu)

Work Pack 4: Concrete Recycling (UIT& Oulu)

Identification of different areas where the materials and constructions can be reused, recovered or recycled and new business opportunities for actors who provide services in this area.

Analysing of building industry actors and potential space for the production of RCA from CDW or utilization of RCA in their processes.

Identification of new businesses and interconection of different participants of building an industry value chain.

UIT: laboratory work of two bachelor students who work on preparation and testing of concrete with partial and total replacement of natural aggregates by recycled concrete aggregates

Elastic modulus on sample with RCA.jpg Fresh cocnrete_slump test.jpg Recycled concrete aggregates in new concrete.jpg Recycled concrete aggregates, fraction 8-22 mm.jpg Water storage of concrete.jpg Mix1.1.jpg Mix1.1a.jpg mix3a.jpg Mix3b.jpg Mix3c.jpg Mix3d.jpg

kolarcticNorut Northern Research Institute
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building n3c.png Norges arktiske universitet | UiT Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. LomonosovUniversity of Oulu

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