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NArFU experts participated in NDI Policy Brief Training day

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NArFU experts participated in NDI Policy Brief Training day
NArFU experts participated in NDI Policy Brief Training day

International research project NDI Think Tank has recently hosted an online NDI Policy Brief Training day, a short hands-on training on writing policy briefs and recommendations intended for authorities and spanning the four core topics of the NDI (Transport and Logistics, Environment, Health and Social Welfare, and Culture) from the perspective of effective research-based communication.

The course participants were introduced, by Kaskas Media, a Finnish communications agency specializing in science and expert communications, to some of the best practices presented by the project partners – Aalto University, Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, and the University of Oulu. A special focus was laid on methodological approaches to promoting the research results in terms of public access and awareness of governmental agencies with decision-making powers.

Among successful cases, cited by the experts as presenting the scientific expertise in a most effective manner, was “Systematic biomonitoring needed to mitigate Arctic health risks”, an analytical document prepared by NARFU Arctic Biomonitoring Laboratory within the framework of the project in 2019.

The obtained skills and knowledge will find implementation in the further work of NARFU experts, whose agenda for 2020 deals with preparation of analytical materials and reviews on the issues of the infrastructural potential; provisions of the polar code; marine navigation safety measures; marine pollution; healthy aging policy; and alternative energy sources in the Arctic region.

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