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Arctic biomonitoring laboratory

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Direction of scientific research

Development of methodology for monitoring, assessment, prediction and prevention of risks associated with the high level toxic polluting substances transfer via biological pathways. These substances can accumulate in the food chain and spread in Arctic ecosystems.

Leading Scientist

Yngvar Thomassen - Leading Scientist

He has given over 275 presentations on various aspects of his research, of which 105 were invited lectures at major conferences and symposia. In the period 1983-91 he was a member of the Commission on Toxicology, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (titular) member from 1986, where he initiated the development of human body fluids as quality assurance materials for the measurement of minor, trace and ultra-trace elements and organic metabolites. From 2011-2014 he served as a titular member in the Analytical Chemistry Division. More »

NArFU students will be able to receive additional scholarships from T2 Mobile
NArFU students will be able to receive additional scholarships from T2 Mobile

The agreement was signed by the rector of NArFU Elena Kudryashova and the director of the Arkhangelsk branch of T2 Mobile Alexander Kulba. The main goal of the agreement is mutually beneficial cooperation between the university and T2 Mobile, aimed at improving the quality of education, the development of scientific research and cultural activities.

As the rector of NArFU Elena Kudryashova noted, the university has long-standing good relations with the T2 Mobile company. “Now a new stage of cooperation is beginning, associated with the training of specialists for the digital economy, as well as with the implementation of the university’s digitalization program adopted by the university.” In turn, Alexander Kulba emphasized that the signing of the agreement is an exit to a fundamentally different qualitative level of cooperation.

Note that T2 Mobile, within the framework of the agreement, has the right to establish personal scholarships and other incentive programs for students, graduate students and young scientists of the university. According to Alexander Kulba, scholarships will be established for those students who can develop successful projects in the field of telecom. In addition, the organization may participate in joint educational, research and scientific-technical projects, congresses, symposia, conferences, forums, seminars or independently conduct these events with the prior consent of the university.

In turn, NArFU has the right to initiate the involvement of T2 Mobile specialists in the implementation of modern educational programs and practices, participate in research and scientific and technical projects, congresses, symposia, conferences and seminars, as well as provide the organization with the opportunity to speak to students and use specific positive examples from scientific and industrial practice in T2 Mobile in the educational process.

The agreement provides for the possibility of signing other documents to provide university students with places to practice at T2 Mobile.

After signing the agreement, the first working meeting was held in the Laboratory of Arctic Biomonitoring of NArFU to develop specific areas of interaction between the university and the company in the use of new modern technologies in the development of the Arctic territories. High-speed Internet, virtual reality, supercomputers - all these global and modern trends are fundamentally changing the country's economy, the organization of a control and management system, as well as the law system.

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