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Pink salmon fishing in the Gulf of the Cross

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Pink salmon fishing in the Gulf of the Cross
Pink salmon fishing in the Gulf of the Cross

Fishing for salmon species is a very important element in Arctic life. Pacific salmon everywhere spawn in the rivers of the basin of the North Pacific Ocean from the Bering Strait along the Asian coast to North Korea and along the North American coast to California.

Of the 5 main species of Pacific salmon, the most important for the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug is the species of pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha). As of July 26, 2019, the new fishing company “Aquamarine” produced 50 tons of pink salmon from 1370 tons allocated under the quota for 2019 (“Far North”, No. 30 dated August 2, 2019).

Mass migration of pink salmon in Chukotka occurs in the first half of July, then after a short break it resumes. Among migrants, fish with signs of mating and mature gonads are already starting to occur. The abundance of such fish increases sharply in August, and single fluid specimens are found even in the second half of September (Chereshnev, 2008).

Pink salmon leads a through-life lifestyle - it breeds in fresh waters, walks in the sea. Juveniles roll in the summer from the rivers to the year of birth and practically do not feed in fresh water. The duration of the ramp varies from a few weeks to two months. In the ocean, almost all pink salmon spend less than 2 (1+) rarely 3 (2+) years, and in summer they return to the rivers to spawn. After breeding, all producers die (Chereshnev, 2008).

During the expedition to the Gulf of Cross (Egvekinot village), in which more than 50% of the indigenous population live, pink salmon samples were taken for research. Data on the content of persistent toxic substances, which will soon be received by employees of the Arctic biomonitoring laboratory, will allow to calculate the health risks of local residents associated with the consumption of these migratory species.

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