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TransArctic 2019

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TransArctic 2019
TransArctic 2019

An employee of the Arctic Biomonitoring Laboratory Chukmasov Pavel, as part of a group of zoologists, took part in the expedition of the 2nd stage of the Transarctic 2019 at the RV “Mikhail Somov” from May 15 to June 14, 2019.

During the expedition, the distribution of marine mammals and birds in the Barents Sea was studied by round-the-clock ship-borne observations. Aerial work was carried out from the Mi-8T to detect and register marine mammals. During the period of work, 12 species of marine mammals and about 30 species of birds were found. Biologists attach special importance to the meetings of a large group of narwhals of more than 30 individuals near the north of the West Siberian Federal District and more than 80 individuals of the Greenland whale of the rare Svalbard population. In the course of the work, the possibility of using migratory species as biomonitoring objects in the Arctic was assessed.

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