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NArFU Arctic Floating University set off for the tenth expedition

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NArFU Arctic Floating University set off for the tenth expedition
NArFU Arctic Floating University set off for the tenth expedition

Researchers from four continents on the Terra Nova expedition will pass through three seas — the White, the Barents and the Karsky — and collect unique data from the east coast of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago. The solemn dispatch of the expedition took place on the square in front of the main building of the university.

Recall that 58 people will work on board a research vessel - students, graduate students, employees of scientific and educational institutions from Russia, Nigeria, Serbia, France, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and China.

Employees of the university, students, representatives of the city and regional authorities gathered to conduct participants of the Arctic Floating University on the next flight.

The participants of the expedition were greeted by the rector of NArFU Elena Kudryashova.

“Experts in the field of hydrology, meteorology, the study of biodiversity, migration of birds and mammals will work at the“ Professor Molchanov ”. On the one hand, this year you will continue these studies, and on the other hand, new topics and new interesting discussions and discoveries will appear. Each expedition gives something new, and I wish you serious scientific achievements this year, ”said Elena Vladimirovna.

According to the director of the Arctic Center for Strategic Studies at NArFU, Alexander Saburov, as in previous years, a whole range of scientific research will be carried out on board the vessel Professor Molchanov, including environmental work of an applied nature. Researchers of the Arktika Collective Use Center will begin a project to study the possible transport of pollutants in the atmosphere. The expedition will continue work on the mega-grant of the Government of the Russian Federation on the study of the transfer of toxic substances in the food chains of the Arctic region. The research will be carried out by representatives of the arctic biomonitoring laboratory of NArFU.

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