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Head of Nenets Autonomous Region Alexander Tsybulsky visited NArFU

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Head of Nenets Autonomous Region Alexander Tsybulsky visited NArFU
Head of Nenets Autonomous Region Alexander Tsybulsky visited NArFU

Representatives of the Nenets Autonomous Region, headed by the Acting Governor Alexander Tsybulsky, on April 29 got acquainted with the research infrastructure of the university and discussed prospects for cooperation with the leadership of the university.

In the Laboratory of Arctic Biomonitoring, a substantive discussion took place on studies that were conducted last year in the territory of the NAR as part of the megagrant of the Government of the Russian Federation on the development of a methodology for monitoring, assessing, predicting and preventing the risks associated with the transfer of highly toxic pollutants by biological pathways that can accumulate in food chains and spread in arctic ecosystems. The head of the laboratory, Tatyana Sorokina, spoke about the first results on studying the risks to the health of the population of the region from the harmful effects of persistent pollutants transmitted through the food chain, and presented a set of studies planned for the district this year. Alexander Tsybulsky noted that the administration of the NAR pays great attention to the preservation of public health and will provide all the necessary support for scientists to conduct monitoring work.

Further, there was a discussion of the cooperation of NArFU and the NAR in training, research and activities in the interests of the district.

“The university can train specialists specifically for the NAR order. For example, how we work with the company "Ilim". Taking into account the needs of enterprises in the pulp and paper and forest industries, two practice-oriented educational programs of the magistracy level have been developed. It is necessary to resume the holding of “NArFU Open Doors Days in the NAR” and “NAR Days at the University”, to hold meetings of the district authorities with students, ”suggested the NAFTU rector Elena Kudryashova.

The meeting participants also discussed the prospects for the creation of a scientific and educational hospital in the territory of the NAO, for example, in the Amderma settlement, and cooperation in the development of secondary vocational education in the district.

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