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The Expert Council on the questions of an Extreme North discussed the strategy of demographic development of the region

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The Expert Council on the questions of an Extreme North discussed the strategy of demographic development of the region
The Expert Council on the questions of an Extreme North discussed the strategy of demographic development of the region

The first in this year meeting of the Expert Council on the Legislative Support for the Development of the North, the Far East, the Arctic and Territories Equated to them was held by the State Duma on February 5. The Council was created last autumn, the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, deputy from the Arkhangelsk region Olga Epifanova is headed it.

Our university at the meeting was represented by the rector Elena Kudryashova. Representatives of the regions, executive authorities, expert and scientific community invited to the meeting discussed legislative approaches to the development of the demographic development strategy and algorithms for ensuring positive demographic dynamics for the regions of the Far North.

The rector of the NArFU Elena Kudryashova addressed her colleagues with a report analyzing the existing privileges and compensations in the form of district coefficients and northern extra charge and presenting practical recommendations for increasing the attractiveness of life and work in the Russian Arctic. In particular: to adopt regional laws on the social attractiveness of workplaces, in which to provide for a decent level of differentiation of the remuneration of personnel, competitive in comparison with other regions of the country and metropolitan metropolitan areas; establish the starting salary level of low-paid personnel (first class worker) in the amount of the subsistence minimum (SMIC), and the differentiation of the salary scale (salaries) should be determined depending on vocational qualifications in the interval of at least 1: 8; provide for additional compensation in terms of extreme environmental conditions, including travel to places of rest not once every two years, and every year and not limit the amount of fare. To improve the quality of life of workers and residents in the Russian Arctic, it is suggested that attention be paid to the development of transport and social infrastructure, and to expand measures to attract specialists to work in the Russian Arctic.

Also at the meeting were announced the results of the work in 2017 of the Laboratory of Arctic Biomonitoring of the NArFU to develop a methodology for monitoring, forecasting and preventing risks associated with the transfer to the Arctic of pollutants by migratory species of birds, fish and wild animals (within the framework of the Mega-project). Scientists of the NArFU suggested recommendations for adjusting nutrition and ways of cooking food from migratory species of birds and fish. In connection with the identified gaps in the regulatory and legal regulation of environmental and socio-hygienic monitoring, members of the research team of the laboratory developed and submitted proposals for amending the legislation.

In her speech, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Olga Epifanova informed that in June 2018 the draft law on the development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation and the creation of support zones in the territory of the Russian Far North will be submitted to the State Duma. "It is necessary to create a special body that will deal with the North and create a strategy for the development of the North," the deputy chairman of the lower house of parliament said during the meeting.

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