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Arkhangelsk mass media told about scientific research in NarFU

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Arkhangelsk mass media told about scientific research in NarFU
Arkhangelsk mass media told about scientific research in NarFU

Within the framework of the "Journalist Living Room" project, representatives of the city and regional publications were able to talk with the university's management, university scientists and visit the Geological Museum named after N.P. Laverova.

"Journalist Living Room" is a project of the NArFU aimed at developing of a dialogue with regional media, discussing topical issues and problems related to the life of the university, the Arkhangelsk region, with the implementation of Arctic projects and important topics for the whole country. The meeting in the living room was devoted to the development of university science and the results of 2017.

At the beginning of the event, specialists of the geological museum of the NArFU conducted an excursion for the press and told about minerals, rock samples, remains of ancient animals presented at the exposition.

The rector of the NArFU Elena Kudryashova congratulated the media representatives on the past professional holiday - the Day of the Russian Press, and told journalists about the main scientific achievements of the past year.

"– Our university has become a winner in the competitive selection of the project "Universities as centers space of innovation creation", which is being implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. A number of young scientists and university staff became laureates of the Lomonosov Prize, received grants and scholarships from the President of the Russian Federation. At the beginning of the year it became known that nine employees of the NArFU received grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. In last year the university became a laureate of three Lomonosov premiums. One of them was received by the editors of the fifth volume of the Pomor Encyclopedia, on which our scientists worked. On the basis of the encyclopedia, a number of school textbooks on geography, ecology, history and culture of the Arkhangelsk region will be published soon, " - said Elena Vladimirovna.

The rector told that the university has developed and adopted the concept of "Digital NArFU", thanks to which the University will conduct digitization of the all education levels and interaction between employees. Changes will be carried out in accordance with the federal program of digitalization of the economy in Russia.

NArFU Vice-Rector for Research work Boris Filippov said that the volume of science financing has significantly increased at the university: from 60 million rubles in 2010 to 306 million rubles in 2017. Most of the funds were attracted on a competitive basis. The university pays special attention to applied research in accordance with the "Strategy of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation". Another important fact is that the number of scientific publications of the NArFU employees in international editions has doubled in 2017.

Dmitry Kosyakov, Director of the Centre of Research Equipment for Collective Use “Arktika”, said that in the near future the unit will purchase unique equipment that will allow reaching a new level of scientific research. Dmitry Sergeevich stressed that in 2017, the publication activity of the employees has doubled.

The head of the Arctic biomonitoring laboratory of NArFU, Tatyana Sorokina, told reporters about the work on the mega-project of the Russian Federation Government, which is devoted to the assessment and prevention of risks associated with the transfer to the Arctic zone of contaminants through the food chains. She said that the Arctic biomonitoring laboratory in 2017 was fully equipped and is ready to study the toxic substances that get into people's food in the territories of the Nenets, Yamalo-Nenets and Chukchi autonomous areas. Tatyana Sorokina noted that the laboratory staff also engaged in legal research related to the biomonitoring legal regulation in the Arctic and the study of best practices of other Arctic states in this area. Based on the research, letters of recommendation were prepared and sent to the federal legislative structures.

Director of the Arctic Center for Strategic Studies Konstantin Zaykov spoke about the development of the project "Arctic Floating University". He noted that the AFU has become not only a visiting card of the NArFU, but also the whole country. Over six years, about 500 people took part in the project. In 2018, AFU will go to the jubilee tenth expedition.

Arkhangelsk journalists asked the leadership of the university questions related to the impact of sanctions on the development of research and the purchase of equipment from abroad. NArFU Vice-Rector for Research work Boris Filippov said that the sanctions do not have a significant negative impact. They have only led to the strengthening of interaction with the leading research centers from Russia. Boris Yurievich noted that in the field of science and education, communication with foreign partners is at a good level: this is indicated by the growth of academic mobility, the development of partnerships with foreign universities. Foreign equipment, in turn, is replaced by domestic counterparts.

When asked about the participation of the NArFU in the creation of the scientific cluster of the Arkhangelsk region, the rector of the university answered that, if necessary, the university would actively join this work.

"- There is a close interaction between the leading universities and research centers in the region. To create a scientific cluster, we need to create a single plan for scientific research in the interests of the region and the country, "noted Elena Kudryashova.

The university management said that soon a large construction forum will be held in the NArFU, the expositions of which will be placed in the exhibition pavilion of the university. In anticipation of the forum "The Arctic - the Territory of Dialogue", which will be held in 2019, the university campus will be improved, repair work will be carried out in the buildings, and new parking lots will be built.

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