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In 2018, scientists of the NArFU will expand the geography of the work on the Arctic biomonitoring

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Валерий Чащин, Северо-Западного научного центра гигиены и общественного здоровья
In 2018, scientists of the NArFU will expand the geography of the work on the Arctic biomonitoring

Tatyana Sorokina, the head of the Arctic biomonitoring laboratory from the NArFU, and Valery Chashchin, chief research officer of the Northwest Scientific Center of Hygiene and Public Health, spoke about the results of the work on the scientific project of the NArFU, which received a mega-project from the Government of the Russian Federation.

In 2017, the university received a mega-project for the creation of an Arctic biomonitoring laboratory and the development of a methodology for assessing and preventing of the risks associated with the transfer to the Arctic zone of contaminants that enter the body of northerners through the nutrition, which consist from the migratory species of birds, fish and animals.

One of the key participants of the project, Valery Chashchin, arrived on the eve of the NArFU to summarize the results of the first stage of work with the leadership of the university. He said that the results obtained by the team of the Arctic Biomonitoring Laboratory for the year will make it possible to apply for new grants related to the health issues of the northerners.

"In 2018, employees of the Arctic Biomonitoring Laboratory will continue to develop methods for detoxifying harmful substances. We plan to submit four applications for patents related to a reduction in the concentration of pollutants in food chains in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. We also prepared a number of additions and changes that we will propose to introduce into federal legislation. This will allow us to make the biomonitoring procedure on the territory of the Arctic mandatory, "- said Valery Petrovich.

The head of the Arctic biomonitoring laboratory Tatyana Sorokina said that in 2018 the coverage of the Arctic territories will be expanded, on which the food chains will be checked.

"For the six months the Arctic biomonitoring laboratory was fully equipped and an interdisciplinary research team was formed. We started legal research related to the legal regulation of biomonitoring in the Arctic and the study of the best practices of other Arctic states in this field. In 2018, we are going to study the toxic substances that get into people's food in the territories of the Nenets, Yamalo-Nenets and Chukchi autonomous areas. This will significantly expand the coverage of the studied territories and will make it possible to draw conclusions about the situation with the concentration of toxic substances more objective, "- said Tatyana Yurievna.

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