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Hokkaido University showed interest in collaboration with NARFU

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Hokkaido University showed interest in collaboration with NARFU
Hokkaido University showed interest in collaboration with NARFU

On Monday, October 9, a delegation from the Hokkaido University Arctic Research Center (Japan) arrived at the NArFU. Foreign guests got acquainted with the potential of the Arkhangelsk University. The Arctic scientific research development and collaboration opportunities were discussed during this meeting. The Japanese delegation included the Director of the Center - Sei'ichi Saito, Professor Natsuhiko Otsuka, Associate Professor Fujio Onishi and Assistant Professor Evgeny Podolskiy.

The Japanese delegation was greeted by Marina Kalinina, NArFU Rector’s Advisor on International Cooperation. She thanked her colleagues for the meeting and for their interest in the university. The Rector's adviser also noted that the cooperation between the NArFU and the Hokkaido University was begun in June 2013, when the university was the venue for the VII University of the Arctic Rectors' Forum.

In his welcoming speech, Director Sei-Ichi Saito noted: "We understand that the sharing experience in the study of North and Arctic is very important. We are interested in collaboration with Russian universities, especially with yours - the Northern Arctic Federal University."

The representatives of the NArFU, in their speeches, acquainted the guests with various aspects of the activities of the NArFU. First Vice-Rector – Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of the NArFU, Alexey Korshunov spoke about the university structure and educational and scientific activities of the university. A researcher of the Arctic Center for Strategic Studies, Alexander Saburov presented to the Japanese delegation the project "Arctic Floating University". Engineer Nikita Sobolev presented the scientific and technical base of the Center for Collective Use of Scientific Equipment "Arktika". Tatyana Sorokina, head of the Arctic Biomonitoring laboratory, described the scientific and technical base of the laboratory. The humanitarian direction of the SAFU was presented by the Deputy Director for the Higher School of Social Sciences, Humanities and International Communication Maxim Martynov. Senior Researcher of the Arctic Center for Strategic Studies Maxim Zadorin continued the topic by presenting a major project of scientists from the NArFU: "Russian Arctic: from the conceptualization to the effective model of state ethno-national policy in conditions of stable development of regions". Rector’s Advisor Marina Kalinina presented the experience of the university's participation in the networked University of the Arctic, spoke about the ongoing student exchange programs and other aspects of the NArFU international activity.

Representatives of the Japanese university were interested in programs for students in English. Of particular interest was to the project "Arctic Floating University". The guests noted that they are ready to send their students to the expedition of 2018. Among the other possible areas of cooperation, the guests suggested considering the creation of a representative office of the Hokkaido University in the NArFU (a similar structure already exists in the North-Eastern Federal University) and the representation of the NArFU at the Hokkaido University. In addition, Japanese colleagues asked to share the experience of organizational work in NArFU: they were impressed by the way in which the NArFU successfully supports the activity of such a large number of scientific and educational centres of a various orientation.

Participants of the meeting dwelt on the fact that they will continue discussing the directions of possible interaction.


The Hokkaido University Arctic Research Center was established in April 2015. The centre's research is interdisciplinary. Research activities at the Arctic Research Center are divided into 6 working groups:

1. Working Group on the study of the atmosphere and hydrosphere (climate change, sea ice and marine ecosystems);

2. Working group on ground-based research (permafrost, genetic diversity in mammals, fish and plants);

3. Working group on cryosphere research (Greenland ice sheet and glaciers);

4. Scientific and Practical Group (engineering aspects of development of the Northern Sea Route);

5. Working Group on Social and Human Sciences (impact of climatic and economic changes on the life of northern peoples, as well as on the Northern Sea Route);

6. Working Group on Satellite Observations and Modeling (Climate Change Modeling and Planning).

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