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Problems of maintaining health in the Arctic have been discussed In St. Petersburg

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Problems of maintaining health in the Arctic have been discussed In St. Petersburg
Problems of maintaining health in the Arctic have been discussed In St. Petersburg

The scientific and practical conference with the international participation of "A Problem of Maintaining Health and Ensuring Sanitary and Epidemiologic Wellbeing of the Population in the Arctic" took place on the 5th-6th of October in St. Petersburg. It was organized by Northwest Scientific Center of Hygiene and Public Health.

Representatives from scientific, educational, medical institutions and representatives of authorities have taken part in work of a conference. For the first time at the discussion of burning issues of maintaining health of the Arctic population all territorial subjects of the Russian Federation which are a part of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation have been presented at once. It was an opportunity to coordinate work of regions in the sphere of ensuring sanitary and epidemiologic wellbeing of inhabitants.

Such questions as modern approaches to the analysis of population’s incidence, individual risk assessment of the work in cold climate, toxic and cancerogenic risks for the population, problems of traditional food of indigenous peoples of the Arctic region, the organization and carrying out biological monitoring in the Arctic were discussed on platforms of a conference.

The delegation of NArFU’s Arctic Biomonitoring Laboratory was headed by the Leading scientist Yngvar Thomassen. The head of the laboratory Tatyana Sorokina and the chief researcher Valery Chashchin also were a part of delegation. During the conference agreements on further cooperation within the megaproject "Development of Methodology of Monitoring, Assessment, Forecasting and Prevention of the Risks Connected with Transfer in the Biological Ways of Highly Toxic Pollutants Capable to Accumulate in Food Chains and to Extend in the Arctic Ecosystems", supported by the Government of the Russian Federation in compliance the Resolution of April 10, 2010 No. 220 (The contract from 3.14.2017 No. 14.31.Y26.0009) have been reached between NArFU and NWSC of hygiene and public health.

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