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Realization of the project in NAA

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Realization of the project in NAA
Realization of the project in NAA

From the September 13 to 15, during the expedition works in the Nenets Autonomous Area, the staff of the Arctic Biomonitoring Laboratory - Andrey Aksenov and Natalya Sturlis, visited the delta of the Pechora river where they got acquainted with the seasonal peculiarities of the catching fish. In this period there is a spawning period of the Arctic cisco (Coregonus autumnalis) occurs in this region, which is traditionally used as a food product for the local population. It is proposed to study the content of toxic inorganic and organic substances in the biomass of this representative of the Salmonidae family and also other selected samples of fish and birds. It should be noted that according to the 2001 data, the average value of the total PCB content in muscle of the Arctic cisco on the Taimyr Peninsula was the highest among the all studied diadromous and semi-anadromous fish species.

In the Krasnoye village, there was continued the biomonitoring research based on the results of AMAP (Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program) and modern data. The primary results will be presented at the EuroArctic conference, which will be held on October 26 in Naryan-Mar. The project participants will be members of the scientific committee, as well as will present the plenary reports.

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