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Interview on the radio “Pomorie”

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Interview on the radio “Pomorie”
Interview on the radio “Pomorie”

On July 31st, the staff of the Arctic biomonitoring laboratory, who had just returned from the Arctic Floating University-2017 scientific research expedition - Anna Trofimova and Elena Gusakova - met live with the host of the "Meetings on Mondays" program at 102.0 FM radio station "Radio Pomorie " Alexey Serov. Anna and Elena told about the participation in the megagrant of the project of NArFU, its tasks and expected results, and also shared the impressions of the expedition work.

"Migratory species of fish and birds are the basis of the diet of the population living in the Arctic region. With food in the human body can get highly toxic substances, even those that have never been used and not produced in Russia. Therefore, it is important to track the biological pathways for the transfer of pollutants, to develop and implement a state system of biological monitoring, as well as to forecast the risks to human health in the Arctic. These are the tasks that Arctic biomonitoring laboratory of NArFU, created with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation, within the framework of Resolution No. 220 of April 10, 2010, solves," Elena Gusakova explained.

"During the expedition we were able to work out the concept of bioindicators of the state of the ecosystem, to work out methods for early detection and monitoring of dangerous pollutants that can spread biological ways, to collect biological samples for analytical work in the laboratory," Anna Trofimova added.

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