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The Arctic biomonitoring laboratory is one of its priorities to train highly qualified specialists in the field of environmental protection and human health in the Arctic.

1.      Educational activities of a leading scientist

In the framework of this area of ​​activity, Ingvar Tomassen gives lectures to students and undergraduates of NArFU, studying in such areas of training as "Ecology and Nature Management", "Biology", "Biotechnology", "Chemistry", etc. The leading scientist conducts lectures for a wide range of students who are interesting to specialists in the field of environmental protection, public health, public administration, law, etc. He also conducts practical classes and consultations on scientific research for students and teachers of NarFU

The following training sessions were held as part of the Environmental Monitoring module by the leading scientist Ingvar Thomassen:

  1. Exposomics is a new scientific field that studies the effect of external factors on the human body.
  2. Biological monitoring of environmental pollutants spreading in the Arctic and Human risk assessment
  3. Risk assessment of the effects of pollutants on the human body
  4. Human Health and Chemical Pollutants in Food

2.      Educational activities of laboratory staff

Employees of Arctic biomonitoring laboratory give lectures and conduct laboratory and practical classes in the following disciplines:

Tatiana Sorokina

  • Environmental law;
  • Law of the Sea;
  • Legal regulation of environmental safety in the Arctic;
  • System of environmental law.

Andrey Aksenov

  • Chemistry (and microstructure / chemical technology) of wood;
  • Industrial biotechnology;
  • Process modeling in biotechnology;
  • Bioconversion of raw materials of natural origin

3.      Participation in educational projects

The laboratory staff constantly improve their professional level and exchange experience participating in international, all-Russian events, such as the PhD Summer Barents School in NArFU Summer School on Solovki, Arctic Floating University, international forum Arctic: Territory of Dialogue

4.      Training program

The Arctic biomonitoring laboratory conducts training under the additional advanced training program “Modern analytical methods in quantitative chemical analysis”

The aim of the program is to improve the competencies necessary for professional activities in the field of research and development, in terms of applying modern analytical methods for quantitative chemical analysis in the analysis of samples of objects of natural and anthropogenic genesis.

Training sections:

  • Introduction to modern methods of quantitative chemical analysis
  • Modern methods of separation and concentration for the analysis of environmental objects
  • New approaches to the analysis of inorganic pollutants in natural matrices
  • Modern directions of development of new analytical methods
  • Mass spectrometry as an application to the analysis of environmental objects

Final certification - offset in the form of testing. According to the results of the final certification, students are given marks on a two-point system ("set off", "not set off"). The total complexity of the program for the entire training period is 56 hours.

You can sign up for a consultation with a leading scientist and other laboratory staff and become a member of the continuing education program by email: marked “Consultation” or “Training program”


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