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Students specialize in: Translation, Interpretation and the Theory of Translation

  1. Oral and written translation (both literary and technical)
  2. Translation in the sphere of International Business

Graduates receive the qualification: a linguist translator which allows students to major on one of the four modern languages

  1. English
  2. Swedish
  3. German
  4. French

Students study a second modern language (English/German/French): from the second year and further on (from the third term).

The Course length: five years, full-time (on the basis of GCSE)

Students majoring in Swedish are given an integrated five year sandwich course of Economics / International Marketing and Management. The course offers a rounded study of business in its Swedish context and blends business, numerate and strategic studies with a large linguistic and translation skills input..

Course of Further Education
The Faculty of Translation also provides a Course of Further Education in modern-language training for students specializing in Law, Chemistry, Natural Resources, Gas and Oil and other technical faculties and institutes of ASTU.

The Course length: three years, half time.

Both full-time and half-time students specialize in: Oral and Written Translation within the business, media, legal and technical fields

Prospective careers :

The combination of skills and knowledge acquired studying Modern Languages (English, Swedish, German, French ) within the context of technical translation is designed to provide the graduates with access to a career in the business world such as industrial enterprises, banks, timber factories, gas and oil companies, ship-building yards and the like.

Graduates may enter the Post-Graduate Course, specializing in German Languages and Roman languages.
International activities:

At the Faculty of Translation there exist four international centres:

  1. The British centre
  2. he French Centre
  3. The German-Austrian Centre
  4. Euro-dialogue


Practical purposes of the centres:

  1. establishing academic ties and cooperation with different Universities and Institutions abroad.
  2. promoting staff/student exchange programmes,
  3. helping staff/student to apply for international grants and scholarships
  4. administering discussions and interactive dialogues with people from communities abroad
  5. inviting guests (visiting professors and lecturers) from world academic institutions and research centres.