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The faculty offers undegraduate programmes in three specialities:

  1. 250201.65 Forestry
  2. 250203.65 Landscape architecture and engineering
  3. 110101.65 Agrochemistry and agrology

      and a Bachelors degree programme - 250100.62 Forestry

       Undergraduate programme in speciality Forestry was started in 1934. The graduates obtain a qualification of an engineer.

       It is a key speciality programme of the faculty training highly-qualified specialists for forest districts, forestry societies, boards of forestry management, nature reserves, tree seed stations, research and design institutes and other enterprises, institutions, organizations in different regions of Russia, but primarily in the European North.

       The study process lasts for five years.

       Undergraduate programme in speciality Landscape architecture and engineering is relatively new as first would-be experts in the field of landscaping, techniques of landscape composition were admitted in 2006. The graduates obtain a qualification of an engineer.
       The students study the basics of urban architecture, the history of landscape architecture and its modern methods, landscape science, landscaping of residential areas and aesthetic forestry. The graduates are employed in amenity planting organizations, dendrology gardens and training stations. The study process lasts for five years.

       Undergraduate programme in speciality Agrochemistry and agrology was started in 2003. The graduates obtain a qualification of an environmental and agricultural scientist. This speciality attracts those who are interested in biology and ecology, love nature and would like to grow different crops. The programme provides graduates with biological and ecological education in the field of agriculture.
       Career opportunities for agricultural ecologists are available in board of agriculture control, at agrochemical stations, species testing grounds, in greenhouse centres, rural cooperative societies, rural municipalities, etc. The study process lasts for five years.

       Bachelors degree programme "Forestry was started in 2008. It is a first stage of multi-level programme training highly-qualified specialists. The study process within this programme lasts for four years. On completion of the programme the graduates obtain a diploma of higher education with a Bachelors degree in forestry.

       Bachelors degree allows the graduates to make their career in the field of forests and park-forests, technological processes of reproducing and improving species composition, quality of forest stands and increasing their productive capacity; conservation and protection of forest lands.
       The graduates of a Bachelors degree programme interested in conducting research are encouraged to continue their studies at the second stage - Masters degree programme. On completion of the programme they have a chance of teaching or doing a postgraduate programme.