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The Institute of Law and Entrepreneurship trains lawyers in speciality Jurisprudence and document managers in speciality Document management and support.


Hundreds of lawyers have been trained in ASTU since 1996, being employed in government institutions and local administration, law enforcement agencies, courts, advocacy, notariat, business.

Those who wish to obtain high-quality legal education may study on a full-time, part-time or correspondence basis.

Five departments constitute the Institute of Law and Entrepreneurship: the department of constitutional law, the department of civil and labour law, the department of criminal law and process, the department of philosophy, the department of humanitarian and social subjects. Within the framework of this speciality programme students can be trained in three specializations: state law, civil law, criminal law. Well-qualified teachers, having scientific degrees and titles (more than 60 %) as well as leading lawyers are employed in the Institute.

The students do annual practical training in law enforcement agencies, courts, advocacy, government institutions and local administration. Full-time students may be employed in a legal clinic, organized on the basis of Chairman V.V. Putins regional chamber of UNITED RUSSIA in the Arkhangelsk region. They offer free legal assistance to local community, thus gaining professional skills and competencies and acquiring necessary working experience.

The Institute graduates have the opportunity to do postgraduate work in the programme Constitutional law; municipal law.

Document management and support

Undergraduate programme in speciality Document management and support was firstly started in Arkhangelsk State Technical University in 2007. Career prospects for the graduates of this programme are available in all branches of the national economy: government institutions and local administration, educational and social institutions. They can also be employed in enterprises of different branches in positions demanding higher education, e.g. manager of document control service, manager of personnel department, office manager and administrative assistant of a companys or institutions director.

Qualification obtained in this speciality is a document manager. The document manager elaborates, implements and provides successful functioning of a companys uniform technological process of documenting and working with documents and document information. The process is based on using up-to-date automated technologies (drafting, executing documents, recording, registering, execution controlling, inquiry-information work, storing). The document manager takes measures for regulating document composition and information rates, reducing their number and optimizing companys document flows. The areas of the graduates work may also include selecting the documents for state storage, organizing current document keeping and estimating document real value.

Those who wish to obtain high-quality education may study on a full-time or correspondence basis.

Research work is successfully carried out in the Institute of Law and Entrepreneurship. Students take active part in students scientific conferences of different level: university, regional, country and international. Collections of students papers are prepared and published under the authority of the teaching staff.

The Institute of Law and Entrepreneurship actively cooperates with higher educational institutions of foreign countries. The students have an excellent opportunity to do training in foreign universities, summer schools organized by the foreign partners of ASTU.