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Building engineering faculty was established in Arkhangelsk Forest Engineering Institute (present Arkhangelsk State Technical University) in 1959. Fifty-year history demonstrates the high level of teaching building engineers in Arkhangelsk. Building engineering faculty is the largest faculty in the number of students trained Ц about 900 full-time students. At present the faculty offers undergraduate programmes in five specialities:

270102.65 Ц Industrial and Civil Engineering

Building engineers trained for a key speciality acquire a broad range of professional skills. They may deal with designing, erecting, operating, reconstructing and restoring industrial, civil and public buildings. The areas of the graduatesТ professional activity are as follows: test and research, design and construction, management and organization, production processing. They are employed in all parts of Russia, CIS-countries and far abroad both on building sites and project and research institutions and higher schools.

270205.65 - Automobile Roads and Airfields

Road building is a key indication of the regionТs development. It is very problematic to construct roads in Northern climate conditions with soft grounds and annual temperature drop. In the course of training the students study the following subjects: urban streets and roads, road facilities management, geo-information systems in road building, etc. Knowledge gained on completion the programme in this speciality allows its graduates to be employed in the following areas: manufacturing road-building materials, working our design, planning and surveying, design and estimate documentation, constructing motor and urban roads and streets, airfields, buildings, transport facilities, engineering services, maintenance, repair and renovation of motor roads, airfields and other road and airfield-related facilities.

270114.65 Ц Building Design

This programme is an excellent combination of engineering and architectural training. The study process for this programme lasts for 5.5 years. The students will gain a broad background both in key building engineering subjects and architecture, art, composition elements, architectural proportions, basics of drawing, painting and design as well as planning and housing. To study for this programme successfully applicants are expected to finish art school and possess artistic talent. On completion the programme the graduates obtain qualification of an architectural engineer.

270115.65 - Real Estate Survey and Management

Real estate being the commodity in Russian market-based economy constitutes 50% of total turnover. At present new professionals with a broad understanding of economics and real property management are required. It is necessary to combine profound knowledge in building engineering and economic issues as applied to real property.

The graduates of this programme are not expected to construct buildings but they are to know well how to do it in a proper way. A focus is placed on complex approach to real property based on interrelation of technical, commercial, environmental, legal, management survey and solutions. The graduates should know when, where and what exactly it is necessary to construct, how to provide rationale for constructing this or that object, and what documents are to be drawn up. The areas of professional activity of the graduates are the following: how to maintain, what to place in this construction object, how to make a profit for the building-owner, when to repair or reconstruct, when and how to change its functional use, when to demolish and what to construct in its place, how much it would cost, when it would pay back and how to finance the project.

050501.65 Ц Professional Training (building, setting up and rehabilitation-and-building technologies)

A student studying for this programme undergoes training in two courses: psychology- and pedagogics-oriented course and industry-oriented course (civil engineering works). The graduates may be employed in higher schools, specialized secondary schools, vocational schools, colleges. Career prospects are available in teaching in employment centres, centres of retraining and career development. Building engineering subjects cover 2/3 of the study process; therefore the graduates of this programme may be employed in building companies.