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The Institute of Economics, Finance and Business offers two Bachelors degree programmes:

Bachelors degree programme in economics (degree obtained Bachelors degree in economics)

Ancient Greeks referred word oiconomia to household management (oi-cos household, house and nomos - law).
Economist a specialist in analyzing financial and business activities (of an enterprise, industry branch, etc) with the aim of improvement. A number of economists are to study economic processes in society and to elaborate ways and methods of achieving goals set by modern reality.
Bachelors degree holder in economics is ready for professional work in economic departments of enterprises and organizations of different branches and patterns of ownership. They may also be employed in teaching and managerial positions, demanding higher economic education.
Bachelors degree holder in economics may analyze, organize and teach in the following branches of the economics: operating markets, finance and information flows, production and research processes conducted at the enterprises of any ownership patterns, educational, research and other organizations, as well as in government institutions.
The Institute graduates are ready to work in financial analysis departments, departments of production, planning, marketing, economical design. Present situation in labour market has brought about high demand for specialists in economics for managerial posts of any enterprise.

Management (degree obtained Bachelors degree in management)

Word manager (eng.) can be referred to chief, head, director, administrator.
Manager a person with social and economic background able to achieve goals by managing people. It is the recognized leader of any organization.
Bachelors degree holder in management is ready for managerial activity in organizations of all ownership patterns in positions related to staff or line management. At present a job of a manager is ranked as the fifth in demand in the labour market (coming after lawyers, bankers, doctors, economists).
Skills and abilities necessary for successful professional work of a manager:

  • Managerial abilities;
  • Communication skills;
  • Self-control;
  • Ability to influence others;
  • Team building and developing skills;
  • Problem solving skills;
  • Analytical skills.

Career prospects for Bachelors degree holders are available in:

  • Manufacturing companies;
  • Commerce (retailers and wholesalers);
  • Construction and mining (agencies on house, land, real estate sale, oil producers and refineries);
  • Transport (companies of road delivery and haulage);
  • Medicine and health care (pharmaceutical companies);
  • Hotel and catering business;
  • Travel agencies;
  • Advertising agencies and companies;
  • Broker firms.