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Summer School of Russian Language in 
Arkhangelsk: Learn Russian with an Arctic 


The Institute of Philology and Cross-Cultural Communication is inviting you to the 6th Summer School of the Russian Language and Culture in Arkhangelsk, June 15-29, 2014.

We implement a unique idea – Arctic region-oriented Russian language study, including:

  • The Land of Pomors: Traditions and Culture;
  • Northern Texts;
  • Past and Present of The Russian North;

We teach Russian to students with any language proficiency level:

  • Elementary level/ basic level – you do not speak Russian at all or just begin to study the language;
  • 1st certificate level – you are already familiar with basic rules of Russian grammar, you can read, speak and write in Russian;
  • 2nd certificate level - you can speak Russian quite fluently, but want to perfect your language skills.

We guarantee:

  • the development of your linguistic competence;
  • highly-qualified teachers with strong background in teaching Russian as a foreign language;
  • a unique teaching technique (intermediate language + authentic language environment);
  • individual approach for each student by using authentic language material;
  • additional subject-oriented courses by leading university professors;
  • small groups (class size is limited to a maximum of 10 students);
  • official university certificate stating the number of academic credits earned (3 ECTS);

We offer an interdisciplinary course program (60 academic hours) consisting of:

  • language classes;
  • additional subject-oriented modules (“Economics and Enterprise in The Russian North”, “Russian Politics and History”)1.

We organize a special program to expand your cultural knowledge in the authentic setting of the Russian North.

The program includes:

  • excursions and visits to museums (to explore the wooden architecture, traditions and culture of the Pomor people), concerts and theatre performances;
  • workshops, discussion clubs, round tables;
  • integration into our university every-day life;
  • tours and walks in Arkhangelsk.

Advantages of our Summer School in Arkhangelsk:

  • authentic culture of the Russian North;
  • “White nights” and the unique northern nature;
  • the annual festival of street theatre performances;
  • friendly volunteer assistants and hospitality of the Northern Russia.

Number of academic credits allocated – 3 ECTS

Tuition fee2: 10 000 rubles (230 EUR),

Visa fee, Travel expenses, accommodation and lunch costs – covered by the applicant3

The application deadline: April 10, 2014

For more information, please refer to: http://narfu.ru/ifmk/ss/eng.php

Contact person:

Maxim Martynov,

e-mail: m.martynov@narfu.ru,
tel: +7 960 018 53 03
Institute of Philology and Cross-Cultural Communication,
Northern (Arctic) Federal University,
Russia, Arkhangelsk, 7 Smolny Buyan

1 For information on lectures included into subject-oriented courses, please, refer to our next information notice

2 Subject to downward revision

3 You can apply for student fellowship support programs, e. g. www.barents.no – for students from Norway, www.cimo.fi/ohjelmat/first - for students from Finland, www.daad.de – for students from Germany