NArFU International Projects Overview

International Projects under European Union Programmes

Others grants and funds:

Thermal Methods of Biofuel Analysis

Project objectives:

  • Exchanging research experience and technologies, publish articles in high impact journals

Internationalization as a Resource of Barents Region Development

Project objectives:

  • Exchanging best practices of internationalization
  • Developing agenda and concrete mechanisms for meeting the BEAC JWGER tasks prioritized in the JWGER Mandate and Resolution, including strengthening academic cooperation and development of mobility programmes in the Barents Region
  • Developing Concept Action Plan of education and research of the Barents Region
  • Mapping out synergy potentials of the BEAC JWGER and the University of the Arctic
  • Increasing effectiveness of communication between the higher education internationalization process stakeholders within the Barents Region

MARPART2-MAN: Joint Task Force Management in High North Emergency Response

Project core tasks:

  • Analyze the critical high risk incidents of relevance to High North operations including cruise ship and oil rig incidents
  • Map educational programmes in the academic and training institutions in the High North
  • Employment of educational infrastructure and different training scenarios
  • Development of transparent educational and training programmes for combined operation in crisis situations
  • Employment of educational infrastructure and different training scenarios
  • Testing of training programmes in simulator/laboratories and exercises
  • Dissemination of results among stakeholders

Maritime Preparedness and International Partnerships in the High North

This project will contribute to increased understanding of the complexity of joint operations, the resources needed, and alternative organizational design and management tools for operational coordination and control.

Building Energy Efficiency in the North West of Russia

The project will build local capacities for and demonstrate local solutions to improved energy efficiency in buildings in three regions in North West Russia: Pskov, Vologda and Arkhangelsk Oblasts.

Program TEMPUS:

Actions of Lifelong Learning Addressing Multicultural Education and Tolerance in Russia

Rendering support to the Russian higher education modernization, development of higher education institutions as long-life learning centers. The focus of the project is aimed at studying migration, intercultural communication and human rights, in order to raise the level of tolerance towards people of immigrant’s background and other minorities.

Achieving and Checking the Alignment Between Academic Programmes and Qualification Frameworks

The ALIGN project seeks to enhance the intelligibility, consistency and transferability of qualifications through development and implementation of mechanisms for HEis to achieve alignment with QFs (qualification frameworks) and for EQAs to check such alignment.

Elaboration of Qualification Framework for Land Management Studies at Russian Universities

Objectives:  Enhancement of quality and relevance of higher education in Russian Federation and increasing convergence with EU developments through elaboration of qualifications frameworks.

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19.06.2012 Outcomes of BCBU+ first stage described as successful
15.06.2012 Balkan Region’s practices will be applied in the development of Barents Tourism Action Plan
05.06.2012 NArFU lecturers took advantage of another possibility to advance professional qualification offered by Kolarctic BCBU+ Programme
11.05.2012 Key function of the universities in the development of strategic Barents Tourism Development Action Plan
01.03.2012 NArFU to Develop a New International Master Programme
31.01.2012 Intensive course ‘English for International Lecturers’ has started in the M.V. Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University
24.01.2012 BCBU Programme lecturers take part in the English language course
14.12.2011 Barents Cross Border University Development Plus/BCBU+