Aims of strategic course:

  • to improve essentially the resource base;
  • to adopt innovative technologies;
  • to pursue scientific researches;
  • to involve more sources of financing.

Ways to achieve aims:

  • to expand classroom,
  • to equip the departments’ offices and classrooms
  • to study practices of the best legal training higher schools in Russia and abroad
  • to combine scientific and academic work at the departments

Specific Goals:

  • to get more classroom;
  • to acquire up-to-date equipment for teaching;
  • to employ new methods in teaching law disciplines (multimedia presentations, debates, conferences, discussion-like lectures, role plays);
  • to prepare applications to Russian and foreign science foundations.

Contacts: Chertova Nadezhda

Institute Director:

Chertova Nadezhda Andreevna,
Doctor of Law, Professor,
Honorary Lawyer of the Russian Federation

Tel: (8182) 65-06-33
Address: Lomonosova Ave, 58, Arkhangelsk, Russia, 163000

Updated 12.05.2013