Institute of Humanities

The mission of Institute of Humanities in Severodvinsk is formation and development of competitive human capital in the sphere of humanitarian sciences in the North-Western Federal District through application of newly-gained scientific knowledge based on the priorities of NArFU

The main goals:

  • To create an integrated scientific and educational space for training of specialists in five branches of science (philological, pedagogical, psychological, legal and economic sciences);
  • To provide support for innovative scientific research in the Northern-Arctic region;
  • To construct the modern infrastructure for training, research and innovation.


Over 70% of teachers of the institute have scientific degrees (8% are doctors and 63% are candidates). There are 1646 students in the institute.

History of the institute

1989 – the branch of M.V. Lomonosov Archangelsk Technical Institute opened in Severodvinsk

1999 – the branch of the Pomor state university opened in Severodvinsk

07 June, 2011 – the Institute of Humanities, branch of NArFU was established in Severodvinsk.

Updated 12.11.2013